Top 10 Perfect Date Night Ideas

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Posted by Brette Borow on February 23, 2011 at 4:10 PM

We pulled together the answers you ladies gave us when we asked what your idea of a perfect date would be. We think these are great and now won't have a shortage of ideas for our next date! So check out the list and feel free to add more if you have some...

Top 10 Date Ideas

Candles, wine and a romantic homemade dinner for two. ~Andrea

Going to a sporting event, like hockey and having a few drinks and being able to laugh along the way.... ~Marie

The theme park for sure. ~Ansley


A getaway to some different state and dine out and sight see. ~Jessicah

A picnic on the beach at dusk, with a radio, a nice bottle of wine. Good conversation. Then take a stroll down the beach with a kiss in the moonlight.

A Paramore concert. Front row seats. All the way. ~Jessica   

Going to brunch and then taking a walk through the park, on a local trail or even through the neighborhood if there is a lot to see. This is casual, yet active and allows for lots of time to talk. ~ Susan

Great date for an afternoon together: Going to a light lunch (pizza, soup and salad, etc.), then going to the park if it's warm, or riding public transit, to watch people or appreciate nature. Going to a bookstore, flea market or art gallery are other good ideas. After that, you can go for a movie you both want to see (a conversational piece, preferably), then go out and have a few drinks and dinner afterwards, to talk about the movie, or what have you. After that, if you're up for it, I suggest some pool, bowling, or an arcade. Interactive, fun, allows enough time for recuperation, and allows for a long time without boredom with your date. Also, probably best for those already in a relationship who don't get out much, usually. ~Emma

My perfect date would be nice and relaxed. A relaxed stroll down a shopping pavilion, park or beach to grab some ice cream and have a casual conversation. Afterward, we'd cruise on by to catch the closest movie. Then dinner. This way we wouldn't have to rush for the movies and dinner would be hassle-free. We'd also have the chance to either criticize the movie we previously watched or compliment it's greatness. After dinner, a nice stroll where you can find a nice quiet spot for the two of us to act like teens, even for a little while. ;) Finally, invite him over where we can then play with my Xbox. Hopefully with the Kinect™, so we can burn off the calories with Dance Central from the dinner earlier. ~Lodessa

A perfect date for me would include all of, but not limited to, the following: home cooked dinner (made for me), cuddling up watching a scary or romantic movie and being able to carry on a meaningful conversation followed by passionate kisses. ~Abby

One of our favorite answers is further proof why we are totally loving Kinect™. With Kinect™ you can take a night in your man and make it one of your most memorable/fun date nights!

Playing some Dance Central on the Kinect™ with my hubby. Followed by some American Idol singing through the 360. After we are worn out by all the jumping around we would relax with a movie played on the Xbox with a big bowl of popcorn. ~Dawn



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  • Posted by Anonymous on February 22, 2011 at 4:41 PM
My boyfriend took me on away for a night to the city and it was absolutely perfect. I love this list but specifically the getaway one. It was so nice to be away from all the stress we have in our lives and just be alone together.
  • Posted by Anonymous on February 22, 2011 at 3:31 PM
These are great ideas. I always feel like my boyfriend and I who are in a LTR run out of ideas for date nights. We always have a good time but sometimes I worry our relationship is getting boring... I love the idea of a picnic on the beach and not sure why we've never done that before. Thanks GGTo