Signs He Likes You... But How Much?

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Posted by Anonymous on February 4, 2012 at 1:38 PM

If you are dating a new guy and you ask is he into me, it's what we all do. We have all heard the phrase he is just not that into you and that is not fun. If you are liking him, you of course hope that he is into you. I am going to tell you some sure signs that he is into you. If you have a guy doing the following things, chances are good, he is into you.

- He calls when he says he will. This means he doesn't call hours later or the next day with an excuse.

- He takes you places, meaning it's not your place or his. If it's always your place or his, you might be in a friends with benefits relationship.

- He asks about your life and wants to know how you day is

- He takes you out and is willing to pick you up, you don't have to drive to see him always

- He offers to help you with things, change a light bulb, look at your tires, add a quart of oil

- He compliments you and seems proud of you

- He wants you to meet his friends and family

- He wants to meet your friends and family

- He sticks around after sex

- He texts you at random, just to say hi.

- He picks on you and teases you. Think about grade school boys pulling your pigtails in the sandbox.

- He will stop by even if it only means seeing you for a few minutes.

- He spends time with you on the weekends, not just weekdays

- He doesn't call you for booty calls, he respects you enough not to ring your phone in the middle of the night

- Your dates don't revolve around sex, he is fine with just snuggling

If your guy is doing most of the above things, that's a sign he is into you. If he isn't you may just be an option in his book. If he isn't making you a priority in his life, then you may not be his idea of girlfriend material.

Guys have different types of girls in their lives.

Booty call girl. The girl who they know will always be around to hang out and/or have sex without him having to do any work but send a simple text that says, "hey what are you doing?" "want to hang out?" or "come over". This is the good-time girl and this girl will never be anything more than that.

Friend with Benefits. This is the friend that they have sex with that will never make it to girlfriend status, well because she settled for less and didn't demand more. Friends with benefits is a lost cause and rarely progress to more than heartache.

Filler Girl. A girl they do like, but don't see themselves in a relationship with. They like her but something about her does not inspire him to move her to girlfriend role. She is only filling a position and giving him something to do until he finds someone more interesting.

Girlfriend. This is the one he adores and can't wait to see. This is the one you want to be. This girl has done something or there is just something about her that inspires him to take her off the market and claim her as his own. If he is into you, chances are good, he has made you his girlfriend.

So which girl are you? You definitely don't want to be the booty call girl. But maybe he's shown some signs he's into you; however, if you can't tell for sure just remember you can't force a guy to like you. 




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